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Nimrod May

Sirin Labs

CMO at Sirin Labs, a blockchain consumer electronic company

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Nimrod is a startup investor and a marketer ….

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Nimrod’s extensive hi-tech experience includes serving as VP of marketing at Gett, being a CEO at RDSeed investment fund, an investor and CMO at Woo.io. In 2017 Nimrod joined Sirin Labs, which has concluded the 4rth largest token crowdsale in history raising almost $160M. The company is now working on FINNEY - blockchain smartphone and all-in-one PC which promise to give users safe, reliable and uncomplicated access to the blockchain. 

Year when first heard of blockchain? Around 2013
Year when first realized its potential? When the Ethereum project was launched 
Why do you think it’s important to be educated about blockchain’s implications? Because it has a real potential to restore power back into the hands of people. 

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